ScreenBrew is a nationwide community of spiritually-minded women & men who enjoy smart films & TV and the conversations they provoke – preferably over a pint of craft beer or a cup of coffee.



The innovative crowd-sourcing platform brings the films of your choice to your local theater. Aspiration Investments is proud to partner with Tugg and its custom ticketing engine, ticket bundling, and thousands of event hosts and filmmakers. 


Justice Film Festival

The Justice Film Festival inspires justice-seekers by presenting films of unexpected courage and redemption that are diverse in their issues and geography. The annual NYC event includes feature films, documentaries, and shorts from both well-known and emerging filmmakers that shine a light on justice.



Aspiration joined a talented cast & crew, along with highly-regarded producers, to executive produce the NY Times Critic's Pick and 2015 Sundance premiered film: LAST DAYS IN THE DESERT. Two other projects are in post-production and a three-picture slate will begin in Summer 2017.